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For more than 30 years, Michigan Coating Products has supplied high-quality industrial paint and coatings to companies throughout North America and Europe.

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Quality first

Customers Come First

We specialize in custom solutions that directly impact the performance of our customers’ products and allow them to ship or supply their goods without delay. We serve more than 400 original equipment manufacturing (OEM) customers include companies in the general industrial, office furniture, automotive, housing industries.

Technical Questions

Have a technical problem or challenge? One of our experts will be glad to help you.

Quotes & Consultation

If you’d like to evaluate our coatings, tell us what you need, and we’ll send you a sample. It’s quick, easy, and best of all, free.

Custom Formulated Coatings


We provide custom formulated water-based acrylics, enamels and urethanes.


We provide custom formulated lacquer-based acrylics and nitrocellulos.


We provide custom formulated air dry and baking enamels.

Environment Friendly Coatings


We offer environmentally friendly products with low to zero hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) with superior surface and corrosion protection.

Lower Volatile Compounds

We offer environmentally friendly products with lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with superior surface and corrosion protection.

Lead-Free & Chrome-Free

We offer environmentally friendly products that are lead-free, chrome-free, and no heavy metals that have superior surface and corrosion protection.

Michigan Coatings Services

Customer Packaging

Our teams work with customers to develop application systems and/or packaging solutions to meet their required parameters.

Stocking Programs

Michigan Coating offers a variety of inventory stocking services. We can stock our customers’ products and provide it “just in time”. Quantity and location does not impact our ability to deliver products on time – almost same day. This offers substantial storage and cost savings to our customers.


The Competitive Advantage

All of Michigan Coatings’ industrial paints and coatings are developed using high-quality raw materials specifically for individual customer needs. We leverage our experience and knowledge to provide solutions that meet technical specifications, use applications, product requirements and pricing considerations. Our products are viewed as competitive advantages for our customers.



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