Michigan Coatings

About Michigan Coatings

For more than 30 years, Michigan Coating Products has supplied high-quality industrial coatings to companies throughout the country. We specialize in custom solutions that directly impact the performance of our customers’ products and allow them to ship or supply their goods without delay. We serve customers in many industries including office furniture, automotive, housing and general industrial.

Innovative Custom Solutions

Our employees are problem solvers with proven experience, industry knowledge and technical expertise. Our expert technicians are “formulators” who develop innovative solutions that address paint, coating, packing and application needs. They understand both technical and business perspectives and work to ensure that our custom solutions improve their products’ performance or appearance. We exceed our customers quality needs and delivery timelines.

Product Warehousing and Just-in-time Delivery

Michigan Coating provides product warehousing and just-in-time delivery. With customer lead times getting shorter and shorter, our inventory programs allow us to ship many orders the same day. Our goal, as it has been for more than three decades, is to provide every customer with a high-performance product, consistent formulations, quality customer service and on-time delivery.